Virginia 1760 - 1828
GEORGE CLEERE is earliest known Cleere of my line, born c1760 in Caroline Co. VA where he remained throughout his life.   His parents are unknown.   George married at least three times.  He died in 1817, intestate. For a view of the inventory of his property, plus the Chancery Suits that were filed to divide the property; go to Inventory of George Cleere's Estate .
First wife was possibly ELIZABETH ELLIOTT.   This marriage produced four known children:

GEORGE married for 2nd time to __?__. This marriage produced four sons:

GEORGE married for 3rd and last time to SUSANNA(H) SAWYER/SIZER (her 2nd marriage). They had one child:

(Susanna(h)'s 1st marriage was to Griffen Dickeson; 3rd marriage was to Alfred D. Brown
Alabama 1828-1867

THOMAS and LUCY CHILES CLEERE had nine children:

THOMAS seemed to be the only son of George to moved to Alabama; settling in Lawrence County.  Thomas' 2nd oldest son, GEORGE DABNEY moved to Alabama sometime before 1828.  In 1832 Thomas moved his wife & family--those who were still living at home:  daughter MARY Elizabeth, son, ROBERT Henry, daughter LUCY Bibb, and youngest child, EUSEBIA Neville.  Thomas' 3rd son, THOMAS Elliott, decided to follow the family to AL in 1833.  In 1837 WILLIAM Samuel, 4th son of Thomas, also moved to AL.  By 1839, Charles CHILES, the oldest son of Thomas, moved to Lawrence County after marrying in VA where his first two children were born.

Charles CHILES CLEERE and SARAH S. HOWLE had nine children:

Texas 1862 -
Three of CHILES CLEERE's four sons moved to Texas. They were Cornelius Eaton "NEAL", George Robert "BOB", Absolum Mullins "AB"; JOHN TYLER "J. T." remained in Lawrence Co. AL and served in the 16th AL Infantry, CSA during the Civil War.

NEAL & BOB CLEERE came to Texas about the same time. They both enlisted in the CSA in May 1862 and served in the 28th TX Dismounted Cavalry from 1862-65. Neal's son, John LUTHER CLEERE, was born in AL in 1858.  Luther was Neal's only surviving child of twin boys by his first wife.  MATTIE A., was 1st child born in Texas c1871 of Neal's second wife.  Bob's first child, Lucy, was born in Texas c1867. AB was last brother to move to Texas.  He served in the 4th AL Cavalry before moving to TX by 1874.  First two of AB's children were born in AL, but third, OMAR, was born in Texas in 1874.