Hi, I'm in Cowtown, otherwise known as Fort Worth, TX , "Where the West Begins!" born and reared here.   I like reading, gardening, scrapbooks, cross-stitch, arts & crafts and sewing for my five granddaughters. But most of all I'm a bonafide genealogy nut, if you ask my family, they will all agree.

I've been working on my various family trees since 1987 after my mother's cousin, Aline Christal, brought by a copy of the Christal Family Tree that she had done. I was amazed at all she had accomplished, going back to the 1700s. A few of the newer generations, including me, and later generations needed to be added and I appointed myself to collect the data.   By the time I had contacted all of my aunts, uncles, & cousins I had enough to fill a book myself. This lead to a never-ending quest for more, more, more!   Once I had a good amount of Christal information I needed to do the Cleere, Thatcher, and so on.   I have become completely wrapped up in the thrill of the chase.

Partly thanks to my husband, Don, for letting me use "his" computer for so long a time (he finally built one for my very own), I have been able to organize my various families.   First with Family Ties (DOS) then onto Family Tree Maker (DOS).   When Don and I progressed to Windows format, I later got the Windows 3.0 version of FTM, then many updates. Now with the CD format and more updates, I'm finally up-to-date with the latest version--2014. Of course, there will be more updates and I will once again get "behind".    Now that I've gotten some info on Don's lines, he's a little more interested.  Matter of fact, he has even helped me go cemetery hunting on a few occasions.

Over the years I have found many "new" relatives and distant relatives who have been working on various branches of the ol' tree, we've been able to accomplish a lot and I feel I have found some really good friends.

Here's a few pics:
Nancy & four of the our five grandkids:
Acacia, Alyssa, Brianna, and Tatem.
Alexis wasn't able to join us that day.
view Tatem's earlier photos, go here

Don, Nancy &
kids (clockwise from back:)
Dev, Darla, Donnie II, Daina
This is our one and only group picture.
Taken a few years back--when we were all younger--LOL

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