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Eric Redding
Monday, June 13, 2005 11:12 PM
Query: My BURNETT line goes through Jeremiah the III to Nancy BURNETT to Joseph Green REYNOLDS (1822 - 1905) to Nancy E. REYNOLDS (1856 - ~1901) to Joseph Green REDDING (1892 - 1952) to Joseph George REDDING (1921 - 1989) to Joseph Dwayne REDDING (1945 - ) to me.

Joseph Green REYNOLDS moved his family from MO (1850) through KS (1860) and to Pilot Point, Denton Co., TX (1870). His 1st cousin Claybourne BURNETT (son of Samuel, Sr.) and his family were in Bates county, MO in 1850 then were living at Pilot Point in 1860 but had moved to Montague Co., TX by 1870. Joseph Green REYNOLDS also moved to Montague Co. Joseph had another daughter, Eliza Jane REYNOLDS, who married Clayborn's son Madison Monroe BURNETT and had their first child by 1884 in Montague Co. So, specifically my query is searching for any tidbits on Joseph Green REYNOLDS and his descendants. His wife, Susan Elizabeth FINDLEY MURRAY REYNOLDS, died in 1877 in Denton County, so I am also trying to find her tombstone. Joseph Green REYNOLDS was in the 1900 Montague Co. census, with my gggrandmother Nancy REYNOLDS REDDING, ggrandfather Joseph Green REDDING and two other siblings living with him. He supposedly died in Purcell, McClain Co. OK, in 1905, but I have not found a tombstone there either. Most of the rest of his sons and daughters ended up around Norman, OK, in the counties of Cleveland, McClain, and Garvin. Thanks for any help you might can offer, Eric Redding

The Wilsons
Sunday, January 30, 2005 10:55 AM
I'm looking for information or descendants of W.L. (or W.W.) "Wick" BURNETT. I know only that he married Ida BURTON in 1898, moved to Paradise, TX, and after 1900 no longer show up in Texas (at least as a couple, but maybe Wick in Deaf Smith married to someone else as shown below). Thanks for putting the "X" before e-mail addresses, great idea! Thanks for any leads!!! --Wilson
Marriage license from Eastland, Co. TX:
Ida Burton & W. L. Burnett 17 DEC 1898
From the 1900 Texas census of Paradise, TX (in Wise Co.):
Burnett, Wickman W. (head) WM JUN 1877 (22yo) (married 0 yrs) TEN TEN TEN -- ,
Ida (wife) WF OCT 1879 (20yo) (zero kids) TEX TEN TEN Prec #4; Voting Prec #15; Super #3, Enum #143, Sht #2
From a Wise Co. Newspaper:
"Wick Burnett, of Herford, is here on a visit" Wise co. Messenger, column from Paradise, 14 JAN 1910)
Deaf Smith Co. 1910 Census:
Burnett, Wickliffe (head) WM 36 marriedx2, M 1yr, NC TN TN -- , (18 y.o. wife not, not Ida and not copied...) They lived on McShirley Avenue in Hereford, was a Carpenter
The ages don't match between the Wise and Deaf Smith Census, but I'd like to talk to anybody that knows who (either) Wick Burnett might be. --thanks!
Tiffany, Los Angeles, CA 90045
07/26/2004 10:40am
Researching BURNETT
QUERY: Looking for a John BURNETT, who worked as a pool sevice man in Oklahoma. In the 1960's.
Larry Amos, Rt 1, Box 130, Verden, OK 73092
12/13/2003 12:03pm
I am pretty sure I have traced myself back to Jeremiah BURNETT & Nancy TURNER that are buried in Sams-Burnett-Mennerly Cemetery in Denton Co. TX.  His father is Samual BURNETT and his mother is Laveniah Leah COX.  Jeremiah BURNETT was b: May 15 1824 in Howard Co. MO & d: Feb 24 1904; his middle name is Amos; he was a honored Confederate hero.
Damon Kennedy
Thursday 10/23/2003 1:31:48pm
Homepage: The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Midland, Texas
Comments: Great site. I am a historian conducting research on the 6666 Ranch and I wondered if anyone might be able to point me to little-known sources of information on the BURNETT family and ranches. Perhaps public libraries and local history museums with archives would be especially useful. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
Larry Amos
Sunday 09/28/2003 7:00:35pm
Referred By: E-Mail
Location: Verden, Oklahoma
Comments: This is a line of my family I have been reserching but I don't have very much yet but I'm working on it whenever I get the chance. MAIN Surname(s) of interest anything linked to the BURNETT line
Susan Hudspeth
08/12/2003 4:30:51pm
Referred By: Search Engine
Comments: Lutitia Ellen BURNETT was born June 16, 1842 in MO. She married John B. MORTON on January 23, 1859 in Tipton, Moniteau Co., MO. I am trying to find her parents and siblings. Lutitia and John are found in the 1860 Tarrant, Hopkins Co., TX census, where John enlisted in the Confederate 9th Texas Infantry, Co. G, on October 8, 1861. In the 1870 federal census, they are found in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX. In 1880, they are living in Clay Co., TX. According to my grandmother, they lived in Wichita Falls for a time before returning to Dallas Co., TX.

On March 24, 1895 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, Lutitia Ellen died. She is buried at the Oak Cliff Cemetery in Dallas. Lutitia and John had the following children: William Archibald, Benjamin Edward, Gabriella, Henry Clifford and possibly a son named Clyde. MAIN Surname(s) of interest BURNETT,MORTON

Frank Lee
Friday 03/29/2002 3:42:23pm
Referred By: E-Mail
MAIN Surname(s) of interest: William H. LEE who married Ellen BURNETT in Bates co. Mo. mid 1800's. Would like to find his parents. They had several children. John, William, America Jane, and Emma Marie.
Tony Burnett
Tuesday 02/19/2002 7:41:25am
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Ross-Shire, Scotland
Comments: Fascinating. The Burnett's are descended I believe from the Norman line of Du BURNARD. Two brothers of that name came to England in the eleventh century; one kept the name Du BERNARD (today known as BERNARD or BURNARD) the other took the name BURNETT. We have our own tartan and a family seat.
Martha Boggs
Monday 02/04/2002 8:35:13pm
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Abilene, TX
Comments: The best Burnett site I've seen. BURNETTS are the most elusive of my ancestral families. I am researching ISHAM BURNETT, b: c.1796 in Patrick Co. VA. He and some of his descendants ended up in Wood Co. TX. Three of his children lived there, Minerva Jane, who married Elias ROBBINS (my great grandparents), Martin P. and Richard C. The family came to Texas from Lincoln Co. TN about 1840.
Ron Kathman
Saturday 01/26/2002 10:51:15am
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Albuquerque NM
Comments: I'm trying to show positively that James Peter BURNETT, the son of Jeremiah II and Rosa SILVERS, begot William M. who begot William Silas who begot my grandmother. Can anyone show a definite link here?
Sarah Burnette Setlock
Sunday 12/23/2001 7:07:48pm
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Blairsville, Ga
Comments: I have my JohnI married to Elizabeth LUMSDEN and JohnII married to Amy GATEWOOD and JohnIII Married to Catherine NEWBILL, then my line continues to his son Benjamin. Does June Bork have them listed as you do? I havn't had a chance to get her book.
MAIN Surname(s) of interest: I have it that John IV was in the Rev. War. I am using him as my soldier to join the DAR. Sarah Burnette Setlock

Greg Jenkins
Saturday 08/18/2001 7:14:19pm
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Whitehouse, TX
Comments: I'm looking for some information on Winnie A. BURNETT b. June 27, 1856 d. 1924 in Harrisonville, Mo. 1st spouse Jackson A. PORTER(m. Aug. 27, 1879) b. April 12, 1857 d. June 26, 1886 in Osceola, Mo. 2nd spouse George W. HOPKINS(m. Sept. 2, 1896)b. Jan. 31, 1853 d. unkown. Winnie is my great great grandmother. She is related somehow to Samuel Burk BURNETT. If you could help in any way please contact me. Thanks for your time and effort.
MAIN Surname(s) of interest: BURNETT, PORTER, SPEED, JENKINS
Bobbi Harrison
Sunday 04/08/2001 6:13:03pm
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Puyallup, WA
Comments: Decended from: William BURNETT/Mariah (or Meriah) BEASLEY both TN; James Richard BURNETT/Frances Ann TERRY both TN; Frances Anna BURNETT TN d-in WA/William Charles BLAIR (moved to WA from KY, then to CA w/2nd wife); Nellie Lee BLAIR KY/Robert Arendal HANSON MN; Helen Margaret HANSON WA/Kenneth James MARSHALL (nee Claude Eugene Hendershott KS) I was born as Roberta Ann Marshall CA; grew up using my step-father's surname (Robert Milton LANE); married to DuWayne Lee Harrison in Seattle, WA.
MAIN Surname(s) of interest: BURNETT, BEASLEY, BLAIR, HANSON
Janice McColm
Saturday 02/03/2001 11:10:28am
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: England
Comments: Smashing site, keep it up.
MAIN Surname(s) of interest:  I have only just begun to research my family tree the names BURNETT and TREWIN. I have managed to trace the BURNETTS back to my great great great grandfather DAVID BURNETT who was born in Mt. Pleasant, Lincolnshire, England and the TREWINS to my great grandfather Louis Trevellian TREWIN in Hartlepool, England. Happy Hunting everyone.
Georgia Rowe
Sunday 01/28/2001 8:08:55pm
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Oklahoma, Texas, Indian Territory
Comments: I love your site...hope you can find my line for me. I'm looking for Samuel Lee BURNETT (my greatgrandfather) born about 1866. He married Mary Francis GADBERRY (my greatgrandmother) in Commanche Co., OK in 1902. Last heard of he went to Indian Territory with Jane SEELEY (Mary's stepmother). Any information would be so appreciated...thank you..bye for now. Georgia :)
Carolyn Clinton
Monday 01/22/2001 5:50:39pm
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Princeton,Texas
Comments:  You have a great site!
MAIN Surname(s) of interest:   BURNETT...I am descended from Ellen BURNETT, daughter of Samuel BURNETT and Lavinia COX.
David Smith
Monday 10/30/2000 4:06:06pm
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Texas
Comments:  I am trying to find information on the parents of William Riley BURNETT.  He lived in or around Denton County.  He was a Deputy Sheriff of Dallas County and was killed in the line of duty 2 August 1893.  He had 6 children that I know of.  He would be my GGGF.  I will share any information I have, if it will help any others.  Thanks, David
Lucille M. LaFong
Friday 09/08/2000 6:38:36am
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: Kentucky
Comments:  Researching my husband's family.  His 3rd gr-grandmother is Dolly GATEWOOD, daughter of Rachel BURNETT and Benjamin GATEWOOD.  Dolly married George LaFONG Jr. on April 10, 1786 at St. John's Church in Henrico County, Virginia.  They were the parents of George BURNETT LaFONG, G.B. LaFONG was the Father of Orlander BURNETT LaFONG, who was the Father of Oscar BURNETT LaFONG, who was the Father of Oscar Thomas LaFONG, who was the Father of my husband Orville Thomas (Tom) LaFONG.   George B. LaFong married Cassandra LOVELL, and her brother was Col. Joseph LOVELL who married Betty Washington LEWIS, great-niece of George WASHINGTON.
Sue Willis
2000-08-25 18:43:01
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Texas
Comments:  I am looking for the parents of Elizabeth BURNETT, b. about 1833 in KY, m. 1853 to Delaware McCREERY in Monroe County MO.  She had a brother Theo.   She had a son named Dallas and another Grundy.  Can anyone help?
Tom Minter
2000-08-15 16:56:41
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Dalhart, TX
Comments: I ran a search on my great-uncle, Samuel B. (Burk) BURNETT, on a new search engine I found in Time Magazine today,, and found more Burnett information than I have ever seen before and, accordingly, reached your site.  My grandmother was Amanda Maud BURNETT who married Thomas Anthony MINTER after whom I am named.  My father was Jerry Burnett Minter, Sr.  Until today I had no idea of my lineage reaching beyond Henrietta, TX where my grandparents are buried.  I knew only that my great-grandparents had moved from Missouri to the Denton, Texas area.  You have filled in for me some enormous blanks and extended my heritage all the way back to Scotland for which I am profoundly grateful.  I have never had the time to engage my genealogy in a concentrated way; your work has done that for me!  Now, if I could be so fortunate as to find my Minter lineage beyond Missouri, I would be truly blessed.  Thanks again for your help. Tom Minter
Mary Vanegas
2000-07-30 20:00:21
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Ojai, CA
Comments:  Nice site.  I'm still looking for parents of Lavinia BURNETT, born 1818, Franklin Co. NC.  Can't find documents to connect her to any of the Franklin Co. Burnetts or Burnetts who came from Mecklenburg Co. VA.  She married James INSCO in Franklin Co.  INSCOES and BURNETTS dominant in Mecklenburg Co. VA.
Dionna W. Burnett
2000-05-14 00:42:01
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: San Bernardino, CA
Comments:  Hello.  I have just started looking for Coy Lee BURNETT on the internet.  I would love to find out more about Coy.  Like who his parents are and where are they from.  Coy was born about 1916 in Boston, MA.  If you have any information where I might find Coy please let me know.  thank you.
Elizabeth Anne Rose nee Burnett
Thursday 04/13/2000 10:42:13am
Referred By: Net Search
Location: Low Fell, Gateshead, UK
Comments: Researching BURNETTS from Gateshead, Hartlepool Counties Durham & Northumberland prior to 1860. Looking for Leonard BURNETT, father of John, grandfather of John William.  Also links with LISLES of Berwick, Northumberland, and TREACY of County Cork.
Elmer Beebe
2000-03-23 22:48:11
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Kirtland,NM
Comments:  I was looking for info and found a lot Lucinda BURNETT was my ggrandmother.  The only thing I knew was that she was married in MO and died in Denton Co., TX.  All info is appreciated.  Great Site.  Thanks Elmer Beebe
Carolyn Tate
2000-03-14 21:31:41
Referred by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
From: California
Comments: My Grandmother (Elma HALL) was a BURNETT and we know very little about that side of the family.  I do know her father's name was Rufus BURNETT, b: December 16, 1846 or '48 who married Martha COX.  Any infomation anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.
Fae Burnett Manning
1999-09-19 19:04:55
Referred by: Net Search
From: West Monroe,La
Comments: Looking for family of James R. BURNETT,Jr. married Nancy EPPINETTE 2-23-1882-Father, James R. BURNETT,Sr. believed to have left Greeville, MS or Greenwood, MS after the Civil War with son, James, Jr. and wife to settle in Richland Parrish, La., where Sr. died and wife (name unknown) remarried a BOWIE.  Not known if children were born of second marriage.  Jr. and Sr. are believed to be only sons.  Email replys welcome.
W.W. Burnett
1999-08-29 09:11:19
Referred by: Net Search
From: Manteo, NC [Outer Banks/Roanoke Island
Comments:  Just started using Family Tree.  I have info for Martin VanBuren BURNETT 1854 in Magnet, Perry County, Indiana.  His father William Gibson BURNETT killed in Civil War 1863.  That's about all I have.
Nick Turner
1999-08-23 14:08:31
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Floyd County, Kentucky
Comments:  Looking for Nancy BURNETT (b. 1787 d. 1872) who married John TURNER in 1804 and we believe moved to Floyd County, KY.
Peggy Turner Wright
1999-04-08 23:21:21
Referred by: Net Search
From: Collinsville, VA.
Comments: My grandmother was a BURNETTE from Patrick Co.
LaRue Helzer
1999-04-06 08:27:57
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: N.J/Ok
Comments: trying to find link for LaRue Jeanette BURNET born 1887 in Pennsylvania spelling on 1920 census shows her name as Luare married to George Winters POPE born 1887 in New Jersey they had one son, Leroy Barnett POPE born 1904 plain field New Jersey. Have hit a brick wall. LaRue and George are my grandparents, any help would be great. Thanks lash41
Cory Lee Burnett
1999-04-05 20:37:02
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Portland, OR USA
Comments: I was just trying to see how many people out there have my name. I would like to know more.
Mariah Brown
1999-01-27 21:23:40
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Hannibal MO
Comments: I am convinced that my BURNETTS are connected to Roland BURNETT in Macon Co. MO. But cannot connect it on my own, and am hoping you can help me. I found my Gr. Grandmother Mary Ann with her family in the 1850 Adair Co. MO. Census. Adair Co. is just north of Roland in Macon Co. James BURNETT...1827 KY Mariah L. ...1826 NC Mary Ann ...1845 TN or IN (marr: Wm. P. DARNELL) Sarah Catherine 1850 MO (marr: Noah REID) Thanks.., I loved your page......Execellent job.
Geri Burnett Bell
Time: 1999-01-23 14:45:01
Referred by: Tripod
Comments: Hi Nancy, Very nice site! I decend from Jeremiah I, Jeremiah II, William (half-brother of your Roland) then, Fleming S., William Henderson, Abel C., John Harvey and Abel Orpha. Will be happy to share what I have.
Dana Burnett Chenault
1999-01-13 17:58:25
Website: Grnmaw Dana
Referred by: Net Search
From: Lynchburg,Va
Comments: researching my father's family history has been so exciting. Most all my information was contained in Waddie Salmon's page. Getting to the point of that connection was all the work!
Linda Adams
1999-01-08 11:54:43
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Branson, MO (on the lake)
Comments: I contributed & corresponded w/June Bork on Vol II & III. My line is from Wilson BURNETT, born 1808 Patrick Co, VA; to Missouri, Jackson Co. 1832-33, land grant there 1835 next to Rhoda Burnett HARRIS. Wilson 'lost' in Mo 1862-death in 1891. Where was he? Not certain who father was in Patrick Co. VA.
Virgil R. Cooper
1999-01-06 21:18:00
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Drumright, oklahoma
Comments: Nancy, I seem to be in the Jeremiah BURNETT line. I'm pretty new at this. Mine runs Jeremiah-Charles-Joseph- John(W)-John Thomas-Sarah Delilah-m a Walker-Dau. Catherine Frances Walker-Visa Lou Smith-Virgil R. Cooper(Me)b-3-19-23 I was looking for a BURNETT from Heavener, OK, LeFlore County. Your Web site is very informative. Thanks, VRC
Gerry Findlan
Time: 1999-01-04 21:20:19
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Oberlin, Oh
Comments: according to family records we are descended from Henry C. BURNETT and Nancy JONES, whose daughter Sarah (b. 12/26/1830) was my great, great, great grandmother. Supposedly she was descended from Gov. William BURNETT of British Colonial days.
Don Willson
1998-11-20 22:45:38
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
From: Tulsa>Duncan,Ok>Richardson,Tx
Comments: I pick up the BURNETT line with Lula Adina BURNETT my maternal grandmother. Mother had worked up the genealogy back to Isham, Isham, James, Roland, and mentions Peter. I find James/Thurza, and Roland/Mary but do not find anyting to agree with what my mother had as Roland's father, Peter BURNETT.
Dana Burnett Chenault
Time: 1998-11-18 19:04:27
Referred by: Net Search
From: Lynchburg,Vaarea
Comments: Trying to research BURNETT line originally from Bedford Co. VA. David Franklin BURNETT b1877 d1946 son of John & Frances BURNETT. Siblings John Jefferson BURNETT and James Madison BURNETT-have NO info at all. Sister Cora Abster BURNETT b1873 parents were John & Polly Ann BURNETT. Cora married cousin Otey Munford BURNETT 1892 son of Joseph & Jane Malinda BURNETT. Otey had a brother Henry Clay BURNETT b1872.
Vivian Coleman
1998-10-22 09:28:45
Referred by: Net Search
From: TX
Comments: I am still searching for the parents of my ggg grandfather, Matthew BURNETT. He along with his brothers Crawford and William came to TX in the early 1800's. Matthew's wife was Sarah SIMMONS, Crawford's wife was Anna SIMMONS, Sarah's sister. William's wife was Nancy SMITH. They came either from VA or KY. Vivian
Marjorie Allen
1998-10-21 01:58:27
Referred by: Net Search
From: Albuquerque, NM
Comments: I am researching my family and my many great grandfather, Jonathan RICHARDSON married Mary BURNETT in Armagh, Ireland. Mary was the daughter of Thomas BURNETT of Armagh. That's all I know about the two. But seeing that she is a many great grandmother of mine, I would like to know more about her. If you have any idea.... Of course, I have tons to share if we find a connection! --Marge
Kathleen Burnett
1998-10-03 05:04:34
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Murfreesboro TN
Comments: Wrong line unfortunately. My great grandfather was John Robert BURNETT of Stroud England. My grandfather was John Robert BURNETT born in Stroud England in 1895. My grandmother was Florence DOWSE born in Acton, England in 1901. Both immigrated to Massachusett in 1918 or 1981, does anyone out there belong to my line? Thanks
Kathleen Burnett
1998-08-30 01:52:22
Referred by: Geocities
From: Tennessee now
Comments: Looking for information on John Robert BURNETT born in Stoud, England late 1800's. His father was John Robert BURENTT and he was a hawker? His mother was Elizabeth MARTIN daughter of Robert MARTIN of the same area. My father was John Robert BURNETT born after my grandmother arrived on the Adriatic in 1921 from Swindon, England. Her name was Florence DOWSE daughter of Jim DOWSE and Ellen HARRIS. If you have any information, I would appreciate it. Thanks
1998-08-22 04:42:34
Referred by: Net Search
From: Oklahoma
Comments: I come through Isham R. BURNETT, you obviously have much more information than I am looking forward to matching up our information. If what little I have would be of any benefit let me know. Deanna . . . Happy Hunting
Phil Eaton
1998-08-18 18:57:21
Referred by: Net Search
From: born in Oklahoma. Now in Calif.
Comments: My connection is through Obadiah BURNETT, Jr.. His daughter Mahola Clementine BURNETT married James STEFFEY. They were my g g grandparents.
Liz Hedges
1998-06-13 01:14:23
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Carthage, Tx.
Comments: Looking for info on Daniel Harvey BURNETT b. Tn. 1828, d. Tx. 1901. Probably in Harrison or Gregg Co. m. Cyrena Hill COX March 1847. I recognize some of the earlier BURNETT's in the line as being in ours. I'd like to know more about them. I'm just beginning to research online.
Carolyn Clinton
1998-05-25 23:59:02
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Melissa,Texas
Comments: I am reseaching Ellen BURNETT who married William LEE. She is my gggrandmother. There does not seem to be much info on her, so I would appreciate any help you can give me. I enjoyed your web page very much. You have done a nice job. Thank you.
Vivian Coleman
1998-05-14 09:40:26
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Wimberley, TX
Comments: Still looking for my BURNETTs, brothers William, Matthew, Alexander and Crawford. Wm., Matthew and Crawford were early settlers in TX, arriving here in the early 1830's. Need parents and siblings names. Happy to share any information I have. Vivian
Phillis Dodson Wright
1998-03-20 03:29:53
Website: Growing Up the Wright Way (no URL given)
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Washington State
Comments: I am researching DODSON, HORN, RACHFORD, and WRIGHT. There are BURNETTs in our DODSON lineage. My 3 great grandfather, John Randall DODSON married Sarah BURNETT and my 3rd great aunt Winifred DODSON married Isham BURNETT
Billie M. Sweat
1998-03-16 00:06:34
Website: Billie's Homepage of Twigs and Roots
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: San Antonio, Tx
Comments: Excellent Site!!! Am searching the BURNETT FAMILY who pioneered into Fla. 1800, specifically, Samuel W. and son Labourn BURNETT. Any info out there?? Incidentally, just a suggestion for failing eyesight , the Descendent chart on the the John BURNETT family is difficult to read with the red names against the pink background. (background has now been changed--Nancy)
Donna McMurry
1998-02-20 00:09:39
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Texas
Comments: Thomas BURNETT and Margaret JOHNSTON is my direct line. Further down skipping a few generations on my direct line is Isham R. BURNETT, Obediah, Jacob, Nancy Jance BURNETT married to John DYER and skip a few more to me. My maiden name is DYER.
Margaret Kelley
1997-11-07 00:04:00
Referred by: Net Search
Comments: Searching for information Lewis BURNETT, son of Jesse BURNETT and Elizabeth ??
Vivian R. Coleman
1997-11-01 03:08:00
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Wimberley, TX
Comments: I am searching for the parents and the birthplace of the BURNETT brothers, Crawford, William and Matthew (my ancestor). They came to Texas between 1828-1831. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I love your web page. Vivian
Ina Burnett Morris
1997-10-26 08:36:00
Referred by: LinkExchange
From: San Antonio, TX
Comments: My Line is Jeremiah BURNETT d.Jan 1818>Jeremiah 1785-1864> Jeremiah 1809-1881> Jeremiah M. 1842-1929> James Mark (who had son Jeremiah)> Elmer> Me. First Jeremiah died in Edgefield Co. SC.
Kim McLean Mayo
1997-10-02 10:14:00
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Sarye, OK
Comments: I visited your web page and wondered if we had a BURNETT in common. My BURNETT line is as follows: 1. Z.Z. BURNETT, m. Mary Texas ACKER. Children of Z.Z. and Mary: i. Pink BURNETT ii. Margaret BURNETT, m. Jasper Edel POST iii.Ila Brunette BURNETT 2. Ila Burnette BURNETT, b. July 30, 1891, TX; d. August 19, 1962, Mangum, Greer County, OK; m. Ira Y.K. POST. Children of Ila and Ira: i. Daisy Mae POST, b. Mangum, Greer Co., OK; m. Elmo Heatly ii. Ira POST iii.Grady K. POST iv. Sidney Vaughn POST, b. August 13, 1917, Mangum, Greer Co., OK; d. June, 1970 3. Grady K. POST, b. September 28, 1915 in Jester, Greer Co., OK; d. January, 1974 in Sayre, Beckham Co., OK; m. Willie Octa RIGGS September 1, 1940 in Altus, OK. Children of Grady and Octa: i. Linda Jean POST, b. May 25, 1941, Mangum, Greer Co. OK; d. December 25, 1990 in Denver, CO; m. Ronald Cecil GOOSTREE ii. Kathryn Ann POST 4. Kathryn Ann POST, b. S eptember 7, 1949 in Mangum, Greer Co., OK; m. Jerry Phil McLEAN August 1, 1966 in Greenville, TX. Children of Kathryn and Jerry: i. Kimberly Ann McLEAN, b. September 8, 1967, Sayre, Beckham Co., OK; m. John Phillip MAYO August 20, 1994 in Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY Any connection? Kim McLean Mayo Cheyenne, Wyoming
Jim Hickman
1997-09-24 07:01:00
Website: Jim Hickman's Genealogy Page
Referred by: WWW.LPAGE.COM
From: Tualatin, OR
Comments: I got your message! I see that we have L-page, BURNETT, ROWE and PAYNE in common. I'll let you know if I learn anything more. Jim
June Epperly
1997-09-24 01:48:00
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Bucklin,Linn, MO/now Oregon
Comments: I'm impressed! My BURNETT link is Roland BURNETT, he is my 3 X Great Grand father.
Mary S. Van Deusen
1997-09-02 22:59:00
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Boston area
Comments: Just starting with the geneology business and having great fun. Amazing how much information is out there and how fast connections are being made. Mother left father when I was 6 weeks old, so I have minimal information about my father's family. His mother was Catherine Burnett Gibson Bell VAN DEUSEN (1873 - 1933 or so). Her parents were Henry L. BURNETT and Sarah Lansing BURNETT of Canandaigue, New York. I'm assuming that I should be starting out by talking to the local historical society in Canandaigue. I've already talked to the Canon City, CO group where Catherine moved to in 1902. I can already see that solving family mysteries could get to be addictive. Mary Van Deusen
Gloria Izzi
1997-09-01 22:00:00
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Chgo, IL
Comments: Hi Nancy I am related, Francis BURNETT married Wyatt JARRETT. Nice homepage.
Waddie "Bos'n Mate" Salmon
1997-08-22 04:22:00
Referred by: From Geocities From: Lynchburg, Virginia
Comments: Excellant Page! Very well done! Thanks for the Cemetery page. I'm creating a link to it from my page under Burnett.

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