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Updated April 15, 2018

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Add your line to any of the following surnames.

Includes several known ways of spelling each surname
Highlighted names will take you directly to list of contacts
Johnson Johnston
Kaiser Kizer

Use Email (Delete the "SCL" before sending email)
to update your information and include:

  1. Surname Contact List (as subject)
  2. Your name
  3. email
  4. (and/or snail mail if you want it listed)
  5. Your Genealogy Homepage or Surname Webpage URL (if any)
  6. List: (Capitalize) SURNAME(s), then given name (start line of descent from earliest known person to last link with the LISTED SURNAME). Include birth year/state and death year/state, if known. If several of the above surnames, list on separate line.
  7. May also include: SURNAME (only, please) of related line.  This refers to spouse(s) line.
  8. Please DO NOT include additional info in the SCL, it throws off the flow of descent.  Post your additional info into the Surname Queries.

Please help me keep these emails current by notifying me when you change your email address.

*In an effort to reduce the listed emails from receiving SPAM, "SCL" has been added to the front of the email. When contacting the poster or me, please remember to delete the "SCL" in your addressee's email. As of 4-12-98, any postings showing at the end have additional info (which can't be listed on the SCL) posted into the Archived Entries Queries for that surname.   I know you will find some entries with additional info posted in the SCL, but please, don't follow that example.










Johnson Johnston
Kaiser Kizer