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Josette Chrystall, UK
10/17/2005 8:15pm

Desc'd from: CHRYSTALL. Hi there, I am married to Douglas CHRYSTALL, who is a decendant from the CHRYSTALLS of Chipping. While we know the immediate family history, we would love it if someone could give us more info or at least confirm the history we already know.

My husbands father is Alexander George Malick CHRYSTALL. He has a brother Ian CHRYSTALL. Their father was Douglas CHRYSTALL. His father was Alexander CHRYSTALL whose daughter is Belle CHRYSTALL. It is unclear as to when the family moved to the UK from Scotland and when exactly the extra L was put on the end of the name. We are led to believe it was this last Alexander CHRYSTALL who left Scotland and also added the L but we would love someone to confirm this for us. Look forward to hearing from someone soon. Kind regards

Andrew Chrystal, UK
Desc'd from: CHRYSTAL. I was interested the note by Sue Davies May 05 2005.

My name is Andrew CHRYSTAL. William CHRYSTAL the author of 'The Kingdom of Kippen' was my Grandfather. I have gathered a number of facts about the various Chrystal families that lived in Kippen including some information about Mary Greig. Sue, please Email me if you are interested in swapping information.

C. Hunter Southwick (no email listed)
June 2, 2005 10:29pm
CHRISTAL Comments: Response to Phyllis's query regarding CHRYSTAL/WASHBURN families.

Hi Phyllis, I noticed your query from 1999, and wondered if you know whether or not your Walter Abraham CHRYSTAL was from Macon, MO area? I ask because my GOODDING family were cousins to the CHRYSTALS, and my GOODDINGS migrated temporarily to Pollack, LA at the turn of the century. It was a Big Creek Lumber town. Perhaps the lumber business had something to do with your family moving out to Oregon.

My great aunt, Lucy GOODDING married her husband, Walter HALLIBURTON there in 1903. Her parents, James R. GOODDING and his wife, Jemima PINCKARD lived there, also. They moved back to MO and then on to AR.

I have more info on the GOODDING association with the CHRYSTALS, if you are interested. I don't have anything on the WASHBURN family, sorry. Best regards,

Sue Davies
May 05, 2005 7:10am
Desc'd from: CHRYSTALL
I am descended from the CHRYSTALLs of Kippen in Perthshire, Scotland. My gg-grandmother was Mary CHRYSTALL dau of James CHRYSTALL and Mary GREIG. One of my Chrystall family wrote the book "The Kingdom of Kippen". I also have a William Bryce CHRYSTALL living in Liverpool in the early 1900's.

Monday, March 21, 2005 2:39 AM
Michael Christall , Liverpool England
Researching CHRISTALL
Hi as you have already guessed I am a CHRISTALL also from across the pond. My father is Charles CHRISTALL, his was Charles Robert CHRISTALL, and his father Charles before him. Incidently my middle name is Charles. Anyway just nice to know there are more of us out there!!!
Monday, February 07, 2005 9:43 AM
This in for Pat Erskine whose addy below is out of date:
I saw your research interest on the web. My own ancestors come from the same area and include CHRYSTALS. My great-grandmother Elizabeth TODD born WILSON came from Coldingham and my great-grandfather Martin TODD from Berwick upon Tweed-Eyemouth is between the two. Elizabeth's mother Janet was born 1801 Janet CHRYSTAL in Coldingham. Her father was John CHRYSTAL, described in records as a carrier and a hind (that is, agricultural labourer) living at various places in Coldingham. Of Janet's siblings I've records of two, Robert CHRYSTAL (who was also a carrier, running a service from Coldingham to Berwick) who is the ancestor of CHRYSTALS in Iowa, USA, and another John CHRYSTAL (b 1790s). I guess there is a good chance that there was a close relationship between the families. I'll let you know if we find out any more. Best wishes,

R. Shelton
Oct. 27, 2004 9:57 AM
Researching CHRISTAL
Query: Looking for information on the Golden Hoof Ranch that was located in Krum, Texas. The ranch was owned by James Russel CHRISTAL and Thomas J. Egan.

Nicole Martin, Cincinnati, OH
July 13, 2004 10:29 AM
Researching: HARRINGTON. Looking for SHIRLEY KEARNEY! She posted a query here a while ago however her email address is no longer valid. She was researching the John CHRISTAL HARRINGTON & Julia Ann WAGONER line. I am also & would love to share my info. If anyone knows how to contact her or has any info on this line, please email me. Thanks!

Brandice Renee Christal, PO box 867594, Plano, Tx 75086
Monday, May 10, 2004 5:36pm
Desc'd from CHRISTAL

Query: Hi! My full name is Brandice Renee CHRISTAL, but I go by Brandi. I have enjoyed learning about the numerous CHRISTAL families, but I did not see any names in my family, what few I know. I did see that Elizabeth is a common name, and I remember my mother telling me at some point that Elizabeth is a family name.

Her name is Jan Elizabeth CHRISTAL, and I know that her mother's name was Jean (I do not know her maiden last name-but I know she is deceased-in the 70's or 80's) and that her father was Jeffery (Jeff-again, the spelling could even be Geoffery- and I am under the impression he is still alive), and he went/goes by Jeff. Her Grandmother's name was Gladis, and she died in 1980 and is buried at Restland Memorial in Dallas, Texas (USA).

Unfortunately, that is the extent of my knowledge. I do know my mom was born in Kansas City MO, but they moved to Dallas when she was a child and lived in a house by White Rock Lake. If anybody can help me or happens to even recognize one of those names, I would love to hear from you.

I am working hard on creating a family tree, and I have a lot of researching to do for both my mother and my father's side of the family. Incidently, when my parents divorced, my mom had my last name legally changed back to hers because it seems I am the last direct link to this CHRISTAL line-she was their only child, and she once told me she never met any aunts or uncles of any kind-apparently, her parents were only children as well. As I said earlier, if anyone recognizes any of those names or knows how I could contact Jeff, whom like I said is supposedly still alive, please let me know. My email is , I appreciate any comments.

Clay W. Christal, 3122 S US 27 Portland, IN 47371, US
Sunday, 01/18/2004 7:45am
Desc'd from CHRISTAL
Query: I am just checking for information. I have seen a copy of our family tree several years ago.

Karen E Christal Knepp 1136 Montclari Drive, Amarillo, TX 79124
Sunday, 06/08/2003 11:18pm
Desc'd from: CHRISTAL
There is a CHRISTAL-READ Reunion in Ringhold, Texas, June 29, 2003. Aline Christal is my mother, she lives in Harrisburg, PA. My father was LORN LESLIE CHRISTAL he died in 1989.

Gerald Martin
Friday 12/06/2002 10:37am
My name is Gerald MARTIN. My father was Frank MARTIN. His father was Charlie MARTIN (Lancaster, Mo). Charlie MARTIN was the eldest son of Richard "Doc" MARTIN. Richard's father was Patton MARTIN and his mother was Jane CHRISTAL. I am trying to find out who Patton MARTIN's parents were.

Ruby Read Hayden
Monday 07/15/2002 10:01:41pm
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Phoenix
Comments: I am the daughter of Bertie Lee Christal Harris READ. Granddaughter of John Fletcher CHRISTAL and Minerva (Dolly) PRIGMORE.
Bennett L. Woolley, Jr.
Monday 11/19/2001 12:26:58am Referred By: Search Engine
Descended from James J. CHRYSTAL. James immigrated from County Sligo, Ireland during the 1840s. He lived in New York City and is buried there. His son, Michael had 10 children. My grandfather, James M. was one of them.
Donald R.Christal, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Desc'd from CHRISTAL
I came across this web site and would like to submit the following information. We have a copy of geneological research done on the family name CHRISTAL which has a lot of information and names. Our records indicate we are direct desendents of a Richard CHRISTAL and his wife Elizabeth.

My immediate family:
Great grandfather - Offered E. CHRISTAL - born Apr 8, 1868 in Randolph County, MO. Grandfather - Oscar Lindell CHRISTAL - born Mar 10, 1894 in Mendota, MO. He had a brother named Henry Isbell born Dec 5, 1896. Oscar CHRISTAL came to Canada 1914 and lived in the Kindersley, Saskatchewan area. Married Beulah Katherine THOMPSON (Clinton, MO) and had four sons. One of which was my father: Robert W. CHRISTAL who was born in Kansas City, MO. (Gramma returned to the U.S. to have 3 of the 4 children).

Richard S. Christal, Vancouver, WA, USA
Desc'd from: CHRISTAL
Query: My father, Alvin M. CHRISTAL, son of Richard M. CHRISTAL. A. M. was born in Arkansas. I was born Memphis, TN (1948). I do have a family tree listing showing lots of names, states and dates. I can share (please email for info). I do have one living brother (Ronald W. CHRISTALL) living in Little Rock, Arkansas. My mother was born in Arkansas, but resides in B'ham, AL.
Roxanne Frawley
May 17, 2001
Desc'd from: CHRYSTAL
Query: I am looking for a country where my CHRYSTAL family may have come from. I have a William CHRYSTAL who married Mary Ann MARSHALL and came to Australia with at least one child named Thomas CHRYSTAL who married in 1887 and died in 1935 in Brisbane. William CHRYSTAL also died in Brisbane in 1900. I am having no luck at all as to where they may have come from. Can anybody suggest something? Thank you in advance.
Weldon Ernest Christal /nickname Ernie
Saturday 02/17/2001 9:13:24pm
Referred By: Search Engine Location: Skandia, Michigan
Shirley Kearney
December 10, 2000, 10:00pm
Desc'd from: CHRISTAL
Query: My great-grandfather`s name is John CHRISTAL Harrington b. abt 1830`s ? He m: Julia Ann WAGNER, they are from VA then relocated to KY. Do any CHRISTALS out there have any ties to HARRINGTON or WAGNER`s?
Thanks, Shirley.
Ian Douglas Mercer Chrystall
October 23, 2000, 3:29pm
Researching: CHRYSTALL
Query: Father - Douglas Mercer CHRYSTALL from Chipping, Lancashire - born same place 1905. Died 1957.
Grady Leroy Puryear
July 23, 2000, 3:01pm
Researching CHRISTAL
QUERY: My grandmother on Daddy's side was Margaret Jane CHRISTAL born 3 March 1877 in Hays County, Texas, died in 1959, married Albert Wesley PURYEAR my granddad, her Dad was Rolland CHRISTAL born in Boonville, Missouri in 1845 died in Austin, Texas 17 July 1924, son of S. R. CHRISTAL born ca 1810 in Kentucky (?). Rolland's Mama was Elizabeth ______ (?) born ca 1811(?) S.R., Elizabeth, and their parents are supposedly buried in Denton County Texas. Any help on these folks would be appreciated. I have a group picture of Rolland and some his family if anyone is interested. Thanks again for any help, we have always been told they were German, I am seeing some of this Internet info that speaks of Scottish ancestry (?). Rolland's name is spelled two ways in records, with one L and with two, I am sure two is right, because one of his boys was named Rolland, we called him "Roll", so I am sure two L's are correct. Rolland married first 1862 Margaret Speer, had 11 children, married next Sallie Townsend and had 10 children. He was an Indian fighter and fought in the War Between The States and was a life long Mason.
Pat Erskine
Researching: CHRYSTAL
My paternal grandfather was John CHRYSTAL. He was an adult when he emigrated to Canada in the early 1900's. He was born June 10th 1888 in Eyemouth Scotland on the S.E. coast, just north of Berwick upon Tweed. My aunt, Dorothy CHRYSTAL from California gave me a picture of my great-grandfather's grave stove in Eyemouth. At the time I thought it quite a strange picture to give, but now I wish I could find it. Will post that info if/when I find the picture.
Robert James Chrystall, R.D.11, Foxton, Manawatu, New Zealand.
April 21, 2000 7:40pm
Researching: CHRYSTALL
QUERY: I am in the process of establishing our lineage and any help would be good. I especially want to know what happened to one of the brothers or sister of my granfather John or Jack CHRYSTALL, who came to New Zealand in the 1850's and one of three who arrived here. One brother settled in the south island of NZ and the third settled in the east of the north island of NZ , then sold up and went on to the USA. What happened to him and his descendants??--Robert
Christal Kodak
April 19, 2000 7:47pm
QUERY: I am doing family research about my family from Ireland. It concerns a Francis Louise LOWE, my great-grandmother, born in Ireland April 16, 1858 in Drumcondra, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Family oral history has it from Ireland and America, that she immigrated to America in the late 1870's as an indentured servant for a rancher in Las Vegas, New Mexico. No one can verify that story in Ireland as to how she came about leaving and so the Irish side comes to a dead end. She married my great-grandfather, James Wilde CHRISTAL on August 15, 1881 in Las Vegas, New Mexico, it is believed at St. Paul's Episcopal Chruch. He was born in Macon City, Mo on January 3, 1852 or 1854 by family written record. He was an engineer for the Sante Fe Railroad and died on September 15, 1917. He is buried in the Masonic Cemetary in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
He and Francis had three children:
James Stewart CHRISTAL born on June 5, 1882 in Las Vegas, NM
Martha Jane CHRISTAL born February 17, 1884 (my grandmother) in Las Vegas
Cordelia Belle CHRISTAL born December 28, 1890

James Stewart married Amy Minerva MORRISON on May 26, 1909 and lived in Fresno, California and later in Richmond, California. Martha CHRISTAL married William Sherman HEYDT on May 26, 1900 and lived in Wellington and Wichita Kansas. Cordelia Belle CHRISTAL married Vance Hatfiedl Van RIPER on October 20 (? year) in Winslow, Arizona and later resided in Bakersfield, California.

I am trying to see if there are any CHRISTALS who may remember this family and how Francis Louise LOWE came to America and how s he may of met James Wildie CHRISTAL. None of our living family remembers the story. I do not know if your web site can be of help to me and I have not as yet read all of your categories - but how wonderful you exist. Thank you for your help in considering t his information. I am returning to Ireland for a family wedding this late summer and it would be so wonderful to solve these questions for which I have searched for for years. I wrote to every CHRISTAL family in the state of Missouri recently without any luck in finding this family branch, but am continuing to try. Most Sincerely, Christal Sullivan Kodak
Kathy Lynn
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Buenos Aires
Time: 2000-02-08 20:19:25
Comments: CHRISTAL Link with CHANT Looking for link with CSB Chant who lived in Spokane, WA at turn of the century. He had 2 daughters--Hazel and Christal. Family tradition has it that Christal's name was a family name. The girls attended an Episcopal boarding school in Illinois or Ohio called St Mary's in the late 1800's.
Sean Crystal
Dec. 23, 1999 9:04am
Desc'd from (different spelling) CRYSTAL
QUERY: I'm not exactly sure how my branch of the family fits in to the whole scheme of things, but here's what I know: John CRYSTAL married Mary FOLEY in Calry, Sligo, Ireland somewhere in the 1860s. I know of a Margaret CRISTAL that was born in Sligo, so I figure they are somehow related, though I'm not sure if Sligo refers to the town or the county in her case. Soon after, John & Mary moved to Scotland and my great-grandfather, Frank J. CRYSTAL was born in Glasgow in 1870. He emmigrated to the US, and eventually found his way to Illinois. Anyway, I'd like to know where we fit in the picture. If anyone has any info, or would like me to share some more of what I have, please email me.
Anne Gooding
Referred by: Tripod
From: Nevada
Time: 1999-12-22 20:44:53
Comments: My husband is related to FRANCES NANCY thru ABRAHAM GOODING, who was a son of RICHARD, who was a brother to his GG grandfather DAVID GOODING. I am researching his family as well as my own - Lancaster family from Daviess County, KY by way of Texas. Thanks for the information.
Jackie Ashley Pace, 2206 John Street, Pasadena, TX 77502 USA
Oct. 31, 1999, 8:42pm
Desc'd from (different spelling) CRISEL
QUERY: CRISEL, not CHRISAL? A GenForum query said Jacob Fritz EPLEY (b ca 1772 Manhiem Twp, York Co., PA, son of Matthias EPLEY & Christina RUDISILL) married Susanna CRISEL, Jan. 5, 1796 in Lincoln Co., NC. Susannah CRISEL's father was Andrew CRISEL & her mother was Mary. The EPLEYS moved to Logan County, KY abt. 1813 & had 11 children, most of them being born in Lincoln Co., NC. One of their daughters, Francis, m. Moses BAUMGARNER(according to Bil GARNER). And Carolyn CANIDA says Elizabeth BAUMGARNER m. Andrew CRISEL 5/22/1798. This family is found in KY, MO & AR. Has anyone else found the German CRISEL spelling?
J. Gilchrist, New Zealand
Oct. 22, 1999
Desc'd from: CHRYSTAL
QUERY: I am looking for information about MARGARET CHRYSTAL (CRYSTAL) who married James DONOVAN (my great-great grandfather). I don't know when they were married (1865-1877)is my guess-or where they were married (British Isles or Australia) another guess!! Their son Henry DONOVAN was born in N.S.W, Australia in 1872 (Hence the guesses) although I can't find any record of his birth yet.
Oct. 16, 1999 11:47am
HHi Nancy, I found you listed on the Denton Co TX Surnames List. I am seeking information on Emily Caroline MORRIS who married a Richard S. CHRISTAL. She was a sister to my gggrandfather, Thomas Russell MORRIS. Russell bought Christal's acreage after his death about 1863. I hope you are connected to this particular line. I have info to share on Emily's side. Thanks for any help you can provide
Harold Lynn Morris
P.O.Box 791022
New Orleans, LA 70179-1022 Oct. 16, 1999 12:26pm
HHi Nancy, Thanks for posting your Christal Descendancy chart. I found Richard S. CHRISTAL who married Emily Caroline MORRIS. Emily was sister to my gggrandfather Thomas Russell MORRIS. Would love to correspond with any of her descendants. Thanks again. Harold in New Orleans
Oct. 15, 1999
Desc'd from CHRISTAL cmitchell (no email listed)
Sept. 26, 1999 2:53pm
Desc'd from CHRISTAL
QUERY: George CHRISTAL shoemaker in Macduff Scotland fathered William CHRYSTAL in 1834 appeared on the 1841 census and had disappeared by 1854. Did he surface somewhere else to found a new dynasty?
Charles Chrystal
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Buffalo, N.Y.
Time: 1999-09-05 22:59:07
COMMENTS: I am Charles Anderson CHRYSTAL, Jr., son of Charles (1914-94) who was the only son of Charles Bernard CHRYSTAL (1877-1964). Charles B. CHRYSTAL founded (1897) the company of the same name which is located in New York City. He was the son of John O. CHRYSTAL (1857-1924). John O. was the son of Captain John CHRYSTAL (1819-1877) and Catherine BOGARDUS. "The Sea Captain" (as he is known in my family) is buried in Brooklyn, N.Y., where there is a family plot. His picture hangs in the room where I am typing this. I have always been told that "CHRYSTAL" is of Scottish derivation. As for me: I have two sons, Ian (1974- ) and Jonathan (1979- ), both by Callista L. O'BRIEN. I was born in 1948 in Glen Cove, N.Y., close to where I spent my youth. I was the only boy in my family but two sisters (Dorothy; Margot) have kept the name. Hope to hear from you!
R. Frawley, from Australia.
August 15, 1999 5:10pm
Desc'd from: CHRYSTAL
QUERY: My husband's grandmother was a CHRYSTAL. Can anybody suggest a country where this name may have come from? We have heard that it may be French or Russian. I haven't got a clue and I'm desperate to start anywhere. Her name was Rose Christina CHRYSTAL and was born about 1890.
Betty Black Christall
August 9, 1999 9:29pm
Researching: CHRISTALL
QUERY: I am looking for any information on John CHRISTALL who married Mary Coker. They lived around San Antonio and Bandera Texas. One of John's children is buried in Del Rio, Texas Val Verde County. We are stumped, my children need to know more about the CHRISTALL's.
Nancy Woolley
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Austin TX
Time: 1999-08-04 18:48:43
Comments: Wonderful information. My father was James Christal WOOLLEY (1929-1966). His mother was Grace CHRISTAL who married Bennett WOOLLEY in Denton TX. Thanks for taking my family line back to 1780!
Malcolm Chrystal
June 2, 1999 12:51pm
Desc'd from: CHRYSTAL
QUERY: Great Grandfather John Playfair CHRYSTAL is buried in Ontario somewhere. He is Scottish and served with a Canadian regiment during the first World War. Wife left him to return to Glasgow. One son named James Robert Playfair CHRYSTAL. My father's name is James (Hamish) Barclay Riddell CHRYSTAL. Any information would be a treat! Sincerely, Malcolm John Chrystal
Kathleen T. Choi
May 9, 1999 2:25am
Desc'd from CHRISTAL
QUERY: Margaret or Marguerite CRISTAL or McCHRYSTALL was born 15 Aug 1835 in Co. Sligo, Ireland, the daughter of Thomas. Mother's name unknown. She and her father emigrated to Canada, arriving 8 Nov 1848, aboard the Madawaska. Family legend says her father died immediately, and she was taken in by the ship's captain, a Quaker who nonetheless saw that she continued to practice her Roman Catholic faith. His name was John MCKINNELL. In 1858, she married, in Toronto, John S. DOYLE. They had 8 children, moving west first to Plympton and then south into Michigan. I'm trying to find a birth record for Margaret, her marriage record in Toronto, and the place and date of her father's death.
Karen Eileen Christal Knepp
December 6, 1998 12:21am
(HOMEPAGE) Knepp's Home Page
Descended from: CHRISTAL
QUERY: This is my newest home page. The Christal Page is very interesting.
Phyllis Washburn, St. Charles, IL 60174, USA
October 16, 1998 9:24pm
Desc'd from:; CHRISTAL
QUERY: Looking for info on Walter Abraham CHRISTAL who married Susan Elizabeth WASHBURN. They were married in Pollock, Louisiana in late 1890's and had two children--Millard and Mary Grace. They moved to Oregon and later to California. Mary Grace married a Richard Lucien KOENIG. I am researching the WASHBURN family.
Patricia Cooper
Referred by: Lycos
From: New York City
1998-09-30 12:56:42 Comments: Betsey CHRISTAL, dau of Richard CHRISTAL & Jemima TUTTLE, was my 2d ggm. She m. John NOLAN in St. Louis in 1860; they had one known child, my ggm, Mary NOLAN (1861-1913).
Jackie Ashley Pace
Website: ASHLEY-PACE Family
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Pasadena, TX
1998-09-29 22:17:59
Comments: Working on CHRISAL, esp those LOONEY & RORIE unions that settled in Stone Co, AR area in 1850 era.
Kerri Hodgson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Lemoore, California
1998-09-23 00:56:32
Comments: I am looking for my desendents. My mother was Kaye Charlene CHRISTAL. Her father was William CHRISTAL b. Sept in Austin Tx. died Feb 1991 in Orville Ca. His father was Charles Houston CHRISTAL b. 17 Sept. 1881 in Oakhill Tx d. 12 Nov. 1964 in Driftwood Tx. He married Martha MINICA b. 17 Sept 1881 in Cedar Creek in Rastroff County d. 22 Dec 1976 in Driftwood Tx.
Karen Eileen Christal Knepp
Referred by: From LinkExchange
From: Amarillo, Texas
1998-07-07 09:54:41
Comments: I was so excited to find the CHRISTAL Homepage it is really interesting.

Ben Christal Bryson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Denton, Tx
1998-06-16 08:54:32
Comments: My father's name was Jack Christal BRYSON. Born in Stoney, TX in 1909. I am looking for information concerning my father's grandfather or great grandfather named Jack CHRISTAL. His mother's name was Eula HARRIS. I would appreciate any information you would send me. Ben C. Bryson 1205 Sherman Drive Denton, TX 76201 or email me at my sister's
Jenny Christal
Referred by: Net Search
From: England
1998-03-30 02:48:54
Comments: Fascinated to see that there have been so many other CHRISTALS. I know of only the 8 in my family in the UK.
Charles E. Schermerhorn
Referred by: Word of Mouth From: Lompoc, Calif.
1998-03-17 02:47:13
Comments: My mother's mother was Louvena Frances CHRISTAL, b.1865, Omaha, Neb., d. 1936 San Francisco. m. William Oscar HATHAWAY, 2 children, Carson & Frances. Her father - Richard Byers CHRISTAL His father Milton CHRISTAL. My research so far seems to be centered around families in Macon Co. Mo., and collateral families include GOODDING & UTZ giving up cousins.
Judy Christal Mayes
Referred by: Net Search
From: DeSoto, TX
1998-01-20 21:54:49
Comments: Great Christal information! I am a descendant of Roland CHRISTAL and Sallie TOWNSEND. My grandfather was Clark Mark CHRISTAL.
John O. Christal
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Spur, TX (Dickens County)
1997-09-12 00:53:00
Comments: All very interesting, you and your contributors have done a great job. Pat Christal is my brother, Hailee CHRISTAL is the daughter of my nephew Joel CHRISTAL. Keep up the good work. Best regards, JOHN O. CHRISTAL
Hailee Christal (no email given)
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Amarillo, Tx.
1997-05-15 23:12:00
Comments: Hi! I am a relative. My grandpa is Pat CHRISTAL! He helped make this page! I didn't know about this page until now! My dad is Joel CHRISTAL! I never knew that my family was kind of famous in a way! If you know me or are a distint relative, I would like to say HELLO!