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~~~~~~~~ 2007 ~~~~~~~~ Thursday, January 18, 2007 1:42 PM
Steven McNeil
2444 Linden Ave., Atco, NJ 08004, USA
Desc'd from: McNEIL/McNEAL, Isaiah ? NY-1855? Poughkeepsie, NY m: Alida VanSCHOONHOVEN 1787?-1858? Poughkeepsie, NY > Peter 1815 NY-1901 Corning, NY m: Eliza HARRINGTON/HARRISON 1809-1881 NY (sibs of Peter: Helen M. 1817-1888 m: William Henry SCHRYVER/SCHRUYVER 1816-1883; Deborah 1819-1854; Isaiah Jr. ?-?; Isaac? ?-?; Isar? ?-?; William? ?-?) > Thomas Edward 1843 NY-1865 Corning, NY m: Eliza GREGORY ?-? > Frank Edward, Sr. 1864 NY-1948 NY m: Louise Sarah BURLEIGH 1861-? NY > Ithiel 1884 NY-1936 NY m: Della Jayne CLAIR 1886?-1939 NY > Thomas George 1915 NY-1985 FL m: Grace Anna CORNELL 1920 NY-1992 FL