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Arnaud Le Clere
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 4:15 PM
Re: French Cleere, Cleare
Hello Nancy,
I try hard to find information on our Irish roots, but we know very little on our family history and origins. I descend from Thomas CLEER (Cleere, Clear?) who left Ireland around 1754 to settle in France (in Bourges first and then in Brive). He was born in 1733 and his parents were Robert Cleer and Jane (Jenny) O'Farrell. They were living in Dublin, Spring Garden Alley. They might have other children, maybe Joseph and Mark. They were Roman Catholic. They might have had coats of arms which were Azure the Sun in Splendour Or. If you had any piece of information, idea or clue, please contact me! Many thanks.

Thursday, February 05, 2009 4:29 PM
Steve Clappart, Houston, TX, United States
QUERY: Seeking information on my grandfather who's birth name was Roger CLEERE. He was born in Mabele, TX around 1922. He was adopted out of the Edna Gladney home in Fort Worth, TX in 1922. Unfortunately those records have been largely destroyed by termites and we have been unable to gather much other information. We know the mother to be unwed at the time and 16 years old. His name was Frank Clappart, adopted by Frank and Shirley Clappart. They lived in Houston, TX, he was a decorated WWII marine veteran and a professional engineer later in life.

August 18, 2007, 9:25 AM
My name is Pamela Cleere. I am 50 years old. My father's name was George Marvin CLEERE. My father had 2 brothers that I know of Chester and Guy CLEERE. My father had a son named James Rayford CLEERE from a previous marriage before he married my mother Windall Faye HASS. I have never met my brother. He would be in his late 70s or 80s. My father lived in Texas from when I can remember but there may be some connections in Oklahoma. I am out of the country but when I return I can look thru records to get more information. If anyone knows of my brother or his children, I would love to hear from them. I can be reached at (see email above).

Russell Martin , 5, North Royd, Northedge Lane, Hipperholme, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England
Wednesday, March 09, 2005 3:26 PM
Researching CLEAR
QUERY: I have managed to trace Thomas CLEAR who was born in Cornwall England in 1720, his wife was called Philippa CUNDY. These are my 6x great-grand parents. Thomas's grandchildren were Mary CLEAR, Anne CLEAR, Philip CLEAR, Andrew CLEAR, Grace CLEAR, Philippa CLEAR, x2, Thomas CLEAR from whom my line descends from, Jenny Jane CLEAR and Julia CLEAR. All these people were born in Veryan Cornwall. If anyone can contribute anything further, please contact me.

Ronald Simpkins
Researching CLEERE
QUERY: I am looking for any information on CLARENCE CLIFTON CLEERE, I think he was born about 1867 in MS. He married Mary Ida RILEY, and had at least one daughter. Laura Gladys CLEERE, my wife, Clarence's great-granddaughter says Laura Ida (Riley) CLEERE lived to be in her nineties and died in the early 70's. Any information would be greatly appreciated as it has been hard to get a start on my wife's side of the family.

William L. Clear
Desc'd from CLEAR
QUERY: I am seeking information about John K. CLEAR b: 1810 d: 1878, who lived in Broadford or Rich Valley, VA. He was married to Eliza FLEENOR and had 12 children. I think his father was William and his mother was Pheobe, but that is all I can find out. I have hit a wall so any information would be appreciated.

Robert Revis
Feb. 27, 2003
Desc'd from CLEAR
QUERY:  Seeking information on JAMES CLEAR, b: c1842 in Ohio.  Married a MARGARET JEFFRIES in Indiana in 1866. These are my GG-Grandparents.  Have hit a brick wall and anything would be appreciated.

Nicholas Cleere Manchester, England
Feb. 22, 2003
Researching CLEERE
QUERY:  Hi there, my name is Nicholas Cleere and I am from Manchester, England. I was just browsing your site and I tried to look for the CLEERE coat of arms, although I could not find it.  I was just wondering is there a Cleere coat of arms and if there is could you send me a picture of it or give me a site I could visit for it.  Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Nick


Until recently, all I had found for Coat of Arms had been for the various spellings as you saw listed on Cleere Coat of Arms (notice the URL where I found them).  I did find another site with COA that says it's for CLEERE ( but it is so small, you would have to order it ($15) to really appreciate it. I wish I was able to find a larger CLEERE Coat of Arms to post to the site. --Nancy

Susan M. Bolier
Sunday 08/11/2002 11:36:39am
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Comments: Looking for info. on Elizabeth CLEARY born Ireland. Came here in 1862 w/cousin Anna DUNN. Brothers James and Matthew. Poss. from Rosewallis. Settled in Burns, NY after marriage to Michael CLARK (born Ireland)
MAIN Surname(s) of interest CLEARY/CLERY

John Campbell , Northampton NN5NJS, UK
Thursday 08/15/2001 8:24am
Desc'd from: CLEERE
My Mother recently died was adopted. I am trying to trace her antecedents: Arthur Thomas CLEERE and Daisy Mabel CLEERE. I would appreciate any advice, Thx.

Michael Kevin Cleere, 206 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, New York 13148, USA
Thursday, 04/05/2001 12:48pm
Desc'd from: CLEERE
QUERY: My father is Thomas John CLEERE Jr., his father is Thomas John CLEERE (birth certificate gives first name as John), his father is John CLEERE and his father is Patrick CLEERE (who came to the USA from Ireland). Patrick was married to an Elizabeth LAWLER in Ireland. I am researching the CLEERE name and am looking for Patrick's decendants in Ireland.

Melanie Clare McKenzie
7/29/2000 1:52am
Desc'd from: CLARE
QUERY: I am the daughter of Hansford Frank CLARE, son of Frank WARREN and Mary Mayfield CLARE, his Parents were Thomas HANSFORD and Susan Teresa (MUDD) CLARE. Thomas HANSFORD was a son to Francis Beatty CLARE and Mary (Polly) GRAY. I have searched for the "CLARE" cemetery near Silex, Missouri but have not had any luck in locating it. If anyone has information in regards to the exact location of the cemetery I would be very interested. The local city hall was not much help they think it is on private property now somewhere outside of town. Please email me at

Barbara Beauchamp Petiprin, DeCaire
June 13, 2000; 9:07am
Researching: CLARE
QUERY: I am seeking information on Josephine DeClaire/DeCaire/DeClare who was born in Bay County, MI on 2-4-1891. Her parents were Henry and Mary DeCAIRE.

Alice Cleary Murphy
June 6, 2000; 12:40pm
Desc'd from: CLEARY
QUERY: Any cousins out there researching CLEARYs from Cork City in 1870's. I have a John J., Joseph F. (my grandfather), and a sister Margaret that I know of. Parents were Jeremiah and Ellen CRONIN. All born in Cork City 1876-1880. Siblings immigrated to Boston around 1890's. Looking for any kind of info.

Debbie Lefebvre , Napanee, Ontario, Canada
June 30, 2000 12:50am
Researching: CLAREY, CLEREY
QUERY: Greetings, I am hoping that someone may have information on or know of the following family:
My great grandmother was Frances CLAREY born about 1867 England. She had 4 Children: Mary 1893, Annie/Anne 1896, David 1899 and John Willie 1902. We have no information on the father of the children.

Frances CLAREY and the 4 children were in the Rotherham Workhouse England from 1906-1907 when she presumably left them. Mary and David left the workhouse in 1907, John Willie left in 1908 and Annie/Anne left in 1911.

David CLAREY was my grandfather we believed he was born Aug 3, 1899 in Rotherham England. After leaving the workhouse he went to a family by the name of DIXON and eventually ended up in Barnardo's. He emigrated to Canada in 1914 as a Barnardo Home Child. We don't know where the other 3 siblings went after they left the workhouse.

Recent discovery found at the Parish Church of Rotherham (Yorkshire) leads us to believe that David was registered under the last name of CLEREY. His mother is listed as Francis CLEREY a Widow. Birth of David is listed as 20 Jul 1899, christening 2nd Aug 1899. It is possible that this is a spelling error by the Parish Priest.

I have the birth certificate of David and it states he was born Aug 3, 1899 and the spelling of the last name is CLAREY. The Rotherham Archives that provided the information on his 3 siblings has the last name as CLAREY for Frances and David.

All the data on the Parish records of David CLEREY corresponds with the birth certificate of David CLAREY. We are trying to find a marriage of a Frances OLDHAM to an unknown CLEREY, possibly in the area of 1895. It is believed that the father CLEREY/CLAREY may have died between 1896 and 1899.

Would really like to find any relatives of David, Frances and the 3 siblings. And to fill some of the data in on the family. If you can help would you please email me. Thank you

Debbie Lefebvre (nee CLAREY)

Kevin Joyce
June 26, 2000 8:04pm
Desc'd from CLEARY
QUERY: Looking for info on James CLEARY, b. 1822 in Ireland, married Bridget O'ROURKE (b. 1823 in Ireland), had a son Edward J. CLEARY (b. 12/30/1856, possibly in England died 11/25/1935, Sharon, PA), and emigrated to the US via England in 1863.

June Pearce
Tuesday, March 28, 2000; 4:06pm
My great grandmother, Sarah DeWitt Webster CLEAR PORTEOUS was born in IN, married my great grandfather Henry Clay WEBSTER on Sept 2, 1867 in Kankakee, IL bore six children before he died in 1884. She then married Noah CLEAR and they had a daughter Minnie. Later in life she took the third husband. I now know that she died in 1919 in Spokane, WA where her daughter Minnie (m. Ralston) lived. I believe I have a distant cousin of the CLEAR line living in TX.

M. J. Cleary
February 24, 2000; 6:09pm
Westfield, NJ, USA
Desc'd from: CLEARY
QUERY: Cleary's from New Jersey. My grandfather was JAMES CLEARY b Apr 13. 1862 died Nov 4, 1928. My grandmother was AGNES BRAHNEY CLEARY b Oct 23, 1869 died Jul 12, 1951. Born in So Amboy NJ. My great-grandfather PATRICK CLEARY from Ireland died in NJ Jun 12, 1904. His wife was MARY CLEARY died in NJ Nov 11, 1905. My great-grandfather JAMES BRAHNEY born 1837 died 1908. His wife was BRIDGET WARD BRAHNEY b. 1845 died May 9, 1935. Any help greatly appreciated

Jean R. Cleere Watters Burns
Referred by: Net Search
From: Los Angeles, CA
Time: 2000-02-05 13:19:08
Comments: Hi Nancy - thanks so much for all the info. I am Neil F. CLEERE's sister and not too versed in geneology via internet. If you would like to add to my name which is already in your records, I was widowed from Del WATTERS, then married Richard Tod BURNS and we adopted 2 children: Brian Keith 9/12/68 and Janice Cathleen 3/3/70. Neil is having trouble with his FTM in that he can't add additional spouses - so I'm going to try to get everything in correctly.

Kelly Smith
Desc'd from: CLEAR
QUERY: I'm looking for info on Joseph Leonard CLEAR who lived and died in Missouri. He was married to Grace Myrtle WEIR and they had 2 sons, Cecil and Lester, and a daughter named Goldie Arizona CLEAR. Goldie is my mother-in-law's mother. Any info would be great. Thanks, Kelly

Karen Fancy , Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5X3, Canada
Dec. 02, 1999 8:24am
Desc'd from: CLARE
QUERY: Looking for info on Isaac James CLARE (b. 1801? - d 1885). He married Sarah BLACKWELL 1855. He came to Toronto, Canada before 1855. I know he lived in Saxlingham, Norfolk, England in 1835 (child Thirza Elizabeth CLARE born there).

Shirley Davison 49 South Main Street, Fairchance, Pa. 15436
Oct. 10, 1999 2:30pm
POSTED: Thomas CLARE b.1725 in Dublin, Ireland d. June 23, 1814 buried at Friendship Hill, New Geneva, Pa. Never married. Owned slaves. His son Richard CLARE b. 1750 no info. on wife. Richard's son: James CLARE b. 1718 m. Nelle FARMER b. 1776. Their son: Thomas CLARE b. 1816 on farm adjoining Friendship Hill, Pa. d. 1860 m. 1839 to Temperance GREENE-STRONG b. 1805 d. 1892. Their son: Alpheus Morgan CLARE b. Feb 24, 1847 near Smithfield, Pa, d. July 27, 1911 m. Oct. 24, 1870 Mary Lucinda TIBBS b. Sept 20 1871 d. Aug 1886. Their son Charles Thomas CLARE b. Mar 19 1871 Smithfield, Pa. d. Feb 1, 1958 m. 1st. on Oct.1, 1890, Lyda Ray BERRY b. Aug 15, 1870 in White Day, W.Va. d. Aug 22, 1895; 2nd on Feb 1, 1897 to Lucy ALLEN b. Dec. 2, 1869 Morgantown, W. Va., d. July 22, 1948. Their daughter (Lucy & Charles) Lois Marcella CLARE b. Feb 27, 1905 d. Feb 10, 1979 m. Edward W. S. DAVISON b. Jan 25, 1902 d. Sept 7, 1989. I have more information on everyone, including children and related families. Will gladly share.

Morris Cornell
Looking for my Indian heritage under the name CLEAR. Spelling uncertain but is being pronounced clear. My greatgrandmothr was Indian with the CLEAR name. She was married and or lived in Illinois. Her husband's last name was GRIFFITH. My E-mail address is listed above. Thank you.

Herbert Cleere
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Waco,Tx
Time: 1999-08-21 23:35:17
Comments: Many thanks! I recently started trying to use a computer and came upon this site. I never knew much about any of my ancesters but had often wondered about them. I am the son of Loyd CLEERE, the son of Walter Whitie CLEERE, the son of Absohum Mullins [AB] CLEERE, the son of Charles Chiles CLEERE. I am sure you have spent a lot of time in getting all of this information. I thank you so much for putting this on the internet for all to see. If you think I might have any info that you might want feel free to e-mail me or write to me at 5100 Hawthorne Apt 105, Waco, Tx-76710. Thanks again--Herbert Cleere.

A. Norman
Dunedin, New Zealand
September 2, 1999 1:05am
Desc'd from: CLARE
QUERY: Seeking information on a Margaret CLARE who married a Charles WAINWRIGHT at Farnworth near Prescot in Lancashire in 1813. They had a daughter called Jemima who married a James SMITH of Lynhope Northumberland in New Zealand. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Ann

Jodi Cleer
August 26, 1999 1:24pm
Desc'd from: CLEER
QUERY: Looking for info on Thomas J CLEER Jr. who came from Scotland and lived in Penn, During the 1880's

Shirley Davison
August 15, 1999; 7:49pm
Researching: CLARE
QUERY: Looking for information on Thomas CLARE, New Geneva, Pa. Born in Dublin, Ireland around 1725. Arrived in Pa., around 1749, died 1812. Had a sister named Catherine and a nephew named William CLARE. He was a friend of Albert GALLATIN, secretary of the USA in the 1700's. He never married but had numerous slaves and children. Thomas CLARE died a wealthy man and was generous in his will.

Desmond Leitch
7-15-1999, 9:07pm
Desc'd from: CLEARY
QUERY: I am a descendent of Bridget CLEARY who married Martin Joseph KENNEDY in 1893. Bridget was born in 1867 Galway, Ireland. They had 6 children of which Mary the eldest born 1894 was my grandmother. Mary married Alexander Thomas LEITCH in 1914 and had 2 children. My father, Ronald LEITCH, was born in 1924 but his father was unknown (not Alexander Leitch). Bridget CLEARY's father's name was Patrick and her mother's name was Mary RUANE. If anyone has a connection to Bridget CLEARY, I would love to hear from them.

Sandra Clare Fessenden
June 5, 1999; 2:07pm
Researching: CLARE
QUERY: My father George B. CLARE, Schenectady, NY, born 6/20/12, My grandfather is Eugene CLARE from Schenectady, NY also. My great grandfather was George S. CLARE, I think he was born in London on Feb. 17, 1816 immigrated to New York and married ?. I think his parents were Edward CLARE and Elizabeth OLDING from London England.

Martin Cleere
Referred by: Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
From: Ireland
Time: 1999-03-26 19:32:24
Comments: Late night surfing!!!!

Linda Necker
February 25, 1999
Desc'd from: CLAIR
QUERY: Looking for any information on Henry CLAIR. He was born in Westmoreland Co., Penn and died on April 7, 1888 in Novelty, Missouri. He married Harriet Ann LECKBEE and together they had 15 children. Henry changed the spelling of his name from CLAIR to CLARE. Some of his children did the same, however, most kept the CLAIR spelling. Some of the children moved to Quincy and Mendon, Adams Co., Illinos as adults. Any information on Henry CLAIR such as, parents names and siblings would be greatly appreciated.

Alex Koch
Time: 1999-01-07; 11:57pm
Comments: Am searching for Charles CLEAR and wife Mathilda 1860-1940? who lived for a time in St. Louis Missouri from 1870 to perhaps 1900. Charles was the brother of James T. CLEAR who lived in St. Louis from 1870 thru 1945 and is buried in Calvary Cem there. The parents of these CLEAR brothers were Charles CLEAR Sr and his wife Amanda HODGE. The latter were married in Columbia, Tenn and came to St. Louis after the Civil War. Charles Sr. born in Canada. Is anyone searching for this CLEAR family?

Cleere John
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 1998-10-12 20:25:56
Comments: I am searching for information on the CLEERE family in the UK. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Los Angeles, CA
Time: 1998-06-05 09:27:34
Comments: I am researching the CLEERE Family of Oklahoma. My grandmother was Pearl CLEERE, born Oct, 1896, in Hevene, OK, the daughter of Luther CLEERE (an elusive personality) and married March, 1915, to Aubrey Ray BUCHANAN. They had two daughters, one of whom is my mother, now 81. I hope I can do the kind of detailed work you have shown in your descendent tree outline. I am just starting this enterprise and have no idea yet where it will take me, but I already suspect a link with the CLEERE's of Texas. Time will tell. I already have a great deal of information on the Buchanans but not a lot yet on the CLEERE's. I am using Family Tree Maker 4.0 and use their on-line service, so I am picking up information quickly. If you have any helpful information, pls let me know at or Thanks

Clarence Keller
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Mobile, Al
Time: 1998-02-16 08:31:15
Comments: Thanks for finding me and for your E-Mail messages

DeLinda Wood
Referred by: From Geocities
From: Madison, Al
Time: 1997-12-31 08:50:03
Comments: Mother's name is Edna Jeane CLEERE, married to Leslie D. CLEERE, son of Bob and Edith CLEERE.

Donald Lee Cleere
new email:   Don Cleere
Referred by: From Geocities
From: Earlsboro, Oklahoma
Time: 1997-11-18 09:24:00
Comments: Looking for the link between Robert Luther CLEERE and his grandfarther Thomas Elliot CLEERE.

Bonnie Jenkins
Website: Families are Forever
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Georgia
Time: 1997-10-26 08:20:00
Comments: Hi, Looked over your web page--which is very nice. I will have to look it over in some depth. Good luck. Bonnie

Kenneth L. Teer
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Texas
Time: 1997-09-28 08:15:00 Comments: Thanks for the information on the CLEERE Family. I am a cousin and searching for information on both the TEERs and CLEERE. Would like to know where you got the history on the TEER clan.