Hi, welcome back to my genealogy home page. I've created a NEW site with a new host.  Some of you may have found my pages before on GeoCities and for some time they will look similar. Most of my webpages have been archived on ReoCities.com, Oocities.org and also Geocities.ws.  Just remember, they do NOT contain the most current info.

For any newcomers, I hope I can provide some helpful information for your genealogy research.

This is my genealogy page.  I've included my husband's lines too, but there's not as much information on them so naturally most of the info will be on my lines---that's why it's "my" page. I'm glad you're here, hope you find something interesting and come back often.

You can find the main surnames I'm researching by clicking on Our Surnames. The names highlighted have outline charts and other additional information, including links to other researchers.  Below are links to more information on my family lines, a visit to any of them may prove interesting or informative.

I like to hear from fellow researchers, especially if any of our surnames match the ones you are researching--who knows--we may be related. Here's a little about me, if you really want to know.

To get completely off track--you can drop-in and visit Nancy's Halloween Costume Closet for a peek into our personal costumes over the years.

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